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20 nov

The moments of nostalgia

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Digital equipment made work easier, but the glory of things was lost. In the Olden Days, people had a habit of taking photos using film cameras and fetched those photos into fine albums. They had cherishing happiness while gazing at those albums. They re-collected memories, giggled about those experiences, felt sad about persons who were present in those albums, but not now, in reality, felt shocked about their looks in past and obviously the first and last three photographs will be a blur. But it is obvious that happiness cannot be captured in digital photos. These digital photos may be high in quantities and qualities, but those photo albums are high in creating rejoicing memories. They were conjunctions between surprises and happiness. Digital cameras may make the work compactable, but those film cameras gave the feeling that it is entirely made for us. It creates many rejoicing moments at the times when we buy those film rolls while gazing at those figures in the negatives and the amount of excitement prevailing in us when those negatives are developed to fine photos.

The onus we have in our lives is so immense. They are so clustered, neither pre-defined nor exotic. Those clusters make us more aggressive, which will be thrown towards our loved ones and will give birth to ostrich fights. There may occur much occult in our lives. They can be identified by the means of a meditating search.

A relationship is compared with the holy son. We always expect it to rise and we are forgetting the fact that it also sets down. Our expectations may also affect the glory of our relationship. It is not good to have a sphere of expectations in the boundary of love. There should only exist the sphere of belief rather than those spheres of expectations. Those beliefs will take you to cross infinite boundaries of love. But these filthy expectations will not take you even to reach a single boundary. They in turn cultivate pain in your hearts. We may think that we don’t have any hope, rather than surpass it. It is definitely not. It can be converted optimistically.

'Pain'! Oh my god! What a word!, The world where every relationship comes across, the world where every relationship goes away, and the world where every relationship becomes stronger. The third scratch is really tough to achieve. Pain makes you an artist. Pain given by a lady love can make you an artist. But the pain here is not a negative one. This is purely optimistic.

Apart from these digital and films, there is also another set of photographs. A lonely walk on a road with a divine breeze is something everyone expects when they are suppressed. Thinking about people who have a mighty kingdom in your heart is yet a mesmerizing experience. This is also a photo album which is created by your memories and it is not physical. So glimpses of their facial expressions, glimpses of times you traveled with them, glimpses of those happy/sad moments will flash your memories when you walk alone. These are the photo albums created for your loved ones. They are called the moments of nostalgia.

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