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20 nov

The Journey Of Life

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What could life teach us?; A sense of lavish love? Hope, not all the time. Life is not a bed of roses. The Kingdom of success doesn’t exist in everyone’s life. Struggling life is more relevant to a tropical trip. Why do we need to struggle? Do we struggle due to a lack of talent or luck? Humiliating circumstances make our struggles to achieve great heights. Life doesn’t have a separate teacher for evaluation. The person who writes the exam himself should evaluate his answers (Alice mistakes). Ephemeral glooming circumstances can also ruin vast life. When it comes to the journey of life, expectation makes the big kingdom.

Does human life stuck with expectations? Is it a blunder? Nope. It is just an emotion, but if it is a habit, it may be a blunder. People say that if the journey of life includes all chambers of optimistic emotions, a person can attain the supreme destiny. Destinies are not decided by fate alone, it is also the circumstances that rule it. Lucid paths of life make us get attached with love and humanity, irrespective of the destiny written.

When the incidents of life become disgusting, people undergo a change in their attitude. At the times, when the lanes of life become ruined, there arises a birth of a black artist who will nab all those worries. Many people come across these enormous imprints. Sometimes our lives become desiccate due to many chambers of problems. But as I said before there comes a birth of black artists who will nab all those desiccate minds and make it fanciful. What is the role of that black artist in our lives? We come across several people at several places at several circumstances in this haughty world. Some make our life cherished and some make it a perished one. It’s in our hands to withstand hope. Human life splits in two ways. One is a Sentence and the other one is a phrase. A sentence has a complete meaning in it, whereas a phrase doesn’t have it. If you want to make your life a sentence then it should have a meaning.

Why can't life have a remote control to change your fate and destiny? Predefined life makes man, a duffer. Roads of life should be changed periodically and a glommed atmosphere will make those pre-defined lives into an exotic destiny. No remote control is needed when you have an affectionate person with you. They may change your fate and travel with you towards those destinies. Affection should not be said, rather shown. Life cannot be an infinite journey. So experience each and every glimpse.

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