Our in-depth knowledge of these industries allows us to execute high-impact campaigns to generate quality sales leads while assuring maximum conversion

Real Estate

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Professional Real Estate companies are good at what they do. They possess the talent, skills, and vision to build, design, and create something from nothing, and see each project through to completion. However, managing your own marketing can be difficult for real estate companies to master or to make time for. This is why many real estate companies seek the help of a digital marketing agency to help promote their businesses and brands in innovative ways.

Website Development

A Real Estate company should begin with a robust website. Most real estate companies have a portfolio of their work and client testimonials; therefore, choosing the right website design that portrays these accomplishments is crucial. A construction company website should be attractive and contain a lot of imagery showcasing the company's work. At Adding Smiles, our team of website design experts specializes in designing websites for construction companies proven to drive results.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Proper local SEO marketing is essential to the growth and success of any Real Estate company. By integrating various local search engine marketing techniques into a digital marketing plan, a real estate company’s name, brand, and services will be marketed to the right area and at the right time. At Adding Smiles, we will help draft a profile of your real estate company to submit on local business pages and directories

Pay Per Click Marketing

Digital ads or pay-per-click marketing is an online advertising model that effectively drives traffic to websites. However, managing PPC ads on your website or social media can get a little complex and costly if you aren’t careful. By working with a PPC marketing expert, you can ensure that your real estate company is seeing a healthy return on marketing investment from using the right digital ads and marketing them in the right places. At Adding Smiles, our team of PPC marketing experts specializes in creating ad copy with target keywords specific to your real estate company’s services. When it comes to real estate company marketing, we know how to drive more traffic to your website to let your prospects know you are open for business.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital age, maintaining an active social media presence is important. However, keeping up with social media news, trends, and finding relevant posts to share can be a full-time job. By working with the team of social media marketing experts at Adding Smiles you can ensure that your real estate company is actively engaging with customers and your target audience on various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. Delighting and engaging with customers can help not only build and maintain a positive online reputation but also increase website traffic, generating more leads and conversions for your real estate company.

A Digital Marketing Company That Delivers Results

Digital marketing might seem complicated and expensive, but by working with Adding Smiles you can ensure that your construction company has a solid online marketing plan in place that is not only affordable but that also drives results, boosting your return on marketing investment and improving your bottom line. Contact our team of digital marketing experts today to learn how we can help take your real estate company to the next level.

Retail & Ecommerce

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Whether it is a boutique, a shopping mall, chain stores, a big box retailer or an online retailer, every business that sells products to consumers knows the challenge of constantly needing to pull in sales.

Finding new buyers is an ongoing necessity, one that requires strategic retail and e-commerce marketing. Additionally, for brands that focus on small, low-cost products, it is imperative to not only drive frequent sales, but also a large number of sales day to day.

In the world of retail, marketing involves a variety of strategies aimed at building the brand visibility and increasing sales. When a brand works with Adding Smiles, we can build a tailored marketing plan backed by data about the industry and the competition.

While the specific marketing plan for each retail store will vary, there are some basic services that stand out in the industry.


Good branding is about much more than just a name and a logo, although a marketing firm can help with those marketing necessities. More than that, it’s about identity — focusing on the differentiators that set your brand apart, and using them to create an image that customers understand and remember. Beyond initial strategizing, we can provide various branded items, including business cards, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Social Media Marketing

With the majority of consumers spending a huge chunk of time online, Digital marketing offers a low-cost, big-impact way to communicate with your audience. From Social Media marketing to email, there are various online strategies that can help a brand get noticed and we are specialized in it.

Content Marketing

Content is huge today, not just because of how it increases visibility for a store, but also for how it can position a retailer as a leader in the industry. This is another area where can help your brand move forward, through a strategic content plan that attracts customers.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s almost impossible to imagine a retail e-commerce business generate revenue without a solid SEO campaign behind it. Tapping into the enormous volume of online shoppers using Google to search for products and services is just too big a market on which to miss out.

Important Elements of an SEO Campaign: Adding Smiles will first want to make sure your e-commerce website is properly optimized to support an aggressive ongoing campaign. Below are the key issues to evaluate:

  • Mobile-friendly design. Mobile friendliness is a critical ranking factor for Google. Today’s e-commerce sites must not only be mobile-friendly, but exceptionally mobile-friendly.
  • Positive user experience (UX). The goal of an SEO campaign is not merely to generate organic site traffic, but to produce conversions — that is, orders. If your site makes the buying experience difficult, it will stand in the way of conversions and undermine your SEO investment.
  • Elimination of SEO site issues. Google must be able to index and rank your site’s content easily and accurate. Issues such as missing or poorly optimized title tags, slow page-loading speed, duplicate content and poor internal linking structure must be addressed early in the campaign.
  • Keyword analysis determines whether it will be possible to attack high-volume keywords, or better to focus on long-tail keywords that are highly relevant but less competitive. The number and type of keywords to target must be reasonable for your budget.
  • Backlink analysis determines the amount of time needed to bring your backlinks up to the necessary level in terms of quantity and quality. Because inbound links are such an important ranking factor, improving your link profile will likely be the largest single area of focus for your campaign.
  • Content development and optimization is another critical area in an SEO campaign, both on-site and off-site.
    • On-site, targeted pages must align with primary target keyword sets, so the right pages rank for the products/services you are trying to sell. Content must be engaging, useful, relevant and of sufficient word count to move the targeted pages up in ranking.
    • Off-site, articles, infographics and other types of content are useful in acquiring high-quality links — and again, the content must not only be optimized with the right keywords, but also written to be as appealing as possible to human readers.

It’s important to realize that SEO takes several months or longer to reach a full head of steam. Google is looking for a steady, sustained effort rather we promise results that are too good to be true. In time, though, you can be successful even in a highly competitive niche with the right keyword focus and execution.

Web Design

The online marketplace is crowded. Annual global online retail spending has hit the $1.6 trillion mark. In India, total online sales reached $32 billion a year, and that number figures to nearly triple in the next five years. There are more than 12 million e-commerce stores online, and almost every major retailer has an online presence of this type. Yet, of those 12 million online stores, hundreds of thousands make less than $1,000 a year. This means that many retail and e-commerce websites fail to convert traffic into sales.

Without the right website design, traffic to an online retailer will fall flat, never converting into effective sales. Understanding the most important components of an online retail site and working with us will help ensure that a site is effective at generating sales.

Banking And Financial Services

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In the world of banking and financial services, marketing has never been more important. With so much competition — not just locally or in a given region, but also online where anyone can access information day or night — it is harder than ever to get noticed.

That’s why banks and financial services needs a way to differentiate their services if they are going to succeed in the marketplace. Bank marketing helps financial institutions promote their services both online and offline. Working with us is the best way to develop a comprehensive strategy, using a variety of different bank marketing services together to build business.

Web Design

For any banking and financial service provider that wants to attract new business, a good website is practically a given in today’s economy. More and more customers are online — not just at their computers, but also via smartphones and tablets on the go. While online, they need to be able to find a particular bank if they’re going to be compelled to use its services. Responsive web design ensures that any user has the same experience on a bank’s site, whether they’re accessing it from a desktop or a mobile device.

Digital Marketing

Banks ask customers to trust them with their money, so any strategy for building credibility is vital. That’s where Digital marketing comes into play, from social media for building branding and relationships to SEO and PPC for increasing visibility in search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can produce quality results, particularly when it’s carefully managed and strategized. We know how to use email to reinforce branding, better convert leads and produce measurable outcomes.

Local Giveaways

For banks that target customers in specific geographic locations, local giveaways and events can be useful ways to build a sense of community. Free money is always attention grabbing. With the help of us, banks can get creative with new ways to create buzz and draw new traffic to their branches through various giveaways.

Offline Marketing Materials

As important as the Internet is today, it doesn’t diminish the value of in-person marketing. When visitors come to a bank, when a bank participates in local events and/or when it sends mailings, paper marketing materials still play an important role. From business cards to brochures to instructional pamphlets, there are a variety of ways to use creative materials to promote a bank’s services — and we can help banks and financial institutions make the most of them.

Information Technology

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Software and technology companies are more important than ever in today’s tech-focused business landscape. From app development to IT consulting to SaaS solutions that keep companies operating efficiently and effectively, the need for these businesses has never been greater — and there is no shortage of service providers stepping up to meet the need.

In order to stand out from the throng, we can help you develop powerful ways to reach and communicate with potential and existing customers. In order to make a decision on seeking and choosing a software and technology provider, companies (or individuals) will often go through several steps:

  • Identify a need or problem
  • Determine a solution (or the need for assistance in determining a solution)
  • Research providers that may have the proper capabilities or expertise to provide the solution
  • Narrow choices via RFP, further research or communication
  • Make a decision

It’s an extensive process that potential customers don’t take lightly. In order to be successful at marketing your software and technology company (and thus driving more sales), you must address every step of this process in the correct manner.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many practices, some of which are described below. We offer more specific services in addition to the “Digital marketing”


By populating your site with valuable content and good information that covers what your prospective customers will be searching for when they need a provider like you, you can optimize your web presence to appear higher in the search rankings on sites such as Google and Bing. This practice, known as search engine optimization (SEO), can take months to see results, but pays dividends as an organic way to increase your visibility. SEO is a good first step that is provided by just about every software and technology marketing agency.


Pay per click (PPC) can dovetail with SEO as a way of getting your site to appear above others in search rankings. With PPC, you bid to appear at the top of results for specific search terms and location targets, ensuring that users who search those terms will see you first.

Email marketing

Collecting email addresses from existing and potential customers can be difficult, but can be a useful way of tackling all steps of the buying decision process. In fact, email marketing is most effective, especially in business-to-business sales, at nurturing prospects (or existing customers) during those “in-between” times when they’re not actively looking to make a purchase. By creating interest with useful information via email, you can be top of mind at later stages in the cycle.

Web design

Web design, in software and technology marketing, can cover many areas: visual layout, information hierarchy, demos or samples, content, quote information, and much more. Creating a cohesive and intuitive experience for visitors is the key factor that connects all of them, and can help make the difference between a new customer and someone who chooses to look elsewhere.

Media And Entertainment

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Anyone in the entertainment and media industry understands the challenges of constantly needing to drum up new business, find new clients and increase visibility. From movies to major casinos to local tour operators, brands in this market need effective entertainment and recreation marketing services in order to stand out amid the competition and get noticed by prospects.

For many companies, we do research on what works best for them to achieve business goals. Using a strategic combination of anything from Digital marketing to community events help a brand set itself apart in the minds of prospects.

The Value of Digital Marketing

In an increasingly technologically driven society, every business needs an online presence in order to stay competitive. When prospects go online looking for a golf course in their neighborhood, for example, a golf course with a great looking website is likely the one they will likely choose. Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term that includes responsive web design, as well as the search marketing (SEO and PPC) to increase the website’s visibility. When used strategically with the help of us, it can effectively improve your brand’s reach, attract new prospects and help convert leads into customers. With the support of us, your brand can have a strong online presence, and use tools such as social media and email marketing to generate buzz that generates new leads.


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Not only are established institutions improving their marketing skills, but also new online educators make the competition for students and enrollees fiercer than ever. Carefully designed marketing strategies, combined with meticulous execution, keeps enrollment strong.

Marketing For Education

For colleges, universities and other schools looking to lure new prospects, education marketing is a necessity. It’s an important strategy for differentiating one particular educational institution from the competition, and a vital way to get the word out about a particular school’s benefits. It allows educational centers to highlight curriculum, staff, awards, programs, etc., to their intended audience so they can draw new students and expand revenue. In a world where there are more options and opportunities than ever, businesses in the education industry truly need marketing in order to get noticed and move forward.

Services for Educational Institutions

By using strategic Digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and web design, we can dramatically improve your online presence. Especially when combined with traditional marketing efforts — from print ad design to tradeshow graphics — this can mean new leads, better conversions and great business profits overall for a school or learning center. Some of the leading education marketing services currently available with us include:

Logo Design and Branding

Good marketing starts with a strong message, and part of making a message clear, cohesive and memorable is branding. We can help an educational institution nail down its value proposition, logo, branding message and more — all to create more powerful results.

Digital Marketing

With everyone driven by technology in today’s marketplace, every business needs an online presence. This is as true for educational institutions looking for new students as it is for retail brands looking for consumers. Working with an education marketing company allows a school to use online resources to its advantage. Through a responsive website design, strategic SEO and PPC efforts, email marketing campaigns and other online tactics, educational institutions can gain better visibility and lead generation online.

Direct Mailings

For educational institutions looking to target a specific geographic area, direct mailing may still be useful, too. We will be able to help an educational institution know whether or not to pursue a direct mail campaign — and, more importantly, how to execute it properly.

Tradeshows and Learning Fairs

Educational institutions looking to attract students often need to campaign at fairs where they’ll have a booth displaying information about their institutions. Working with us means gaining the collateral needed to make the most of the events. From signage to graphics, there are a variety of marketing options for in-person prospecting.

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s Internet-driven world, it’s no surprise that the majority of prospective students go online to learn more about schools and programs. When they hunt for the right matches for their needs, SEO helps them find you. That’s why, to boost your search results and capture more of the market share in education, your school needs strategic education SEO services.

Search engines are designed to scour the Internet and find the most relevant answers to searchers’ questions, but it’s an inexact science. Search engines aren’t humans and can’t see your campus photos, watch the administrator’s welcome video or understand content in the same way humans can. This is why SEO exists — to communicate effectively to search engines and get you higher placement in results. With that in mind, we will use a wide range of strategies to get you noticed by the search engines and enhance your rankings.

Web Design

From colleges to daycare centers to tutoring companies, businesses in the education industry have a tough time trying to stand out. There’s a lot of competition, and that can make it hard to attract new students or clients.

Whether you run a private school or create curriculum, you need strategic website design to drum up new business. You can use an online presence to create a 24/7 advertising tool that reaches potential students or clients around the clock, no matter their location. Here are a few of the advantages that a professionally created website can offer you.

  • A way to reach your target audience. Your prospects expect to find you online, the No. 1 place to search for schools, tutors, books, curriculum, etc. When someone looks for education services in your area, will they find you? Without a website, you’re missing an important opportunity.
  • Effective lead generation. A good SEO website will be designed to generate new leads. Through optimized content with clear calls to action, it will encourage visitors to provide their contact information — hopefully leading to more students or clients.
  • Enhanced business credibility. It’s difficult to be a reputable business today without a website. More than that, though, a well-designed site speaks to the professionalism of your brand. The easier it is for visitors to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to trust you.


Adding Smiles

Whether you are a regional manufacturing facility serving your local area, or a global or national manufacturing business with worldwide fulfillment capabilities, manufacturing marketing is a key concern for expanding your business.

In a sales landscape traditionally defined by referrals, word of mouth and geographic proximity, the opportunities that online marketing for manufacturing presents should not be ignored.

Manufacturing marketing services are typically aimed at a few key groups: industrial buyers, entrepreneurs, engineers and government sourcing personnel. Regardless of the size of your business, most potential customers in today’s age will want to research your capabilities and qualifications online. While those interested in your services are still likely to offer their business after calling you on the phone, that step usually only occurs after extensive online research and comparison. For that reason, it’s important to tailor your online presence to provide the information that potential buyers need to make a decision.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers a wide range of practices and methods, most of which are described below. In general, should focus on addressing each area of the industrial buying cycle, and should provide easily accessible information to those who are actively seeking a supplier or contractor.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way of getting people to your website by organically appearing highly in search rankings due to the strength of the content on your website and links from other websites. While getting people to your site is the first step in obtaining a new customer, SEO, when executed correctly, offers the added benefit of providing valuable, useful content and information that actively helps potential buyers make a decision.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) allows you to bid on specific search terms so that you’ll appear at the top of rankings when people search for them. PPC can be a very efficient way of driving a targeted audience to your website, with an attractive ROI. Since you’re effectively paying for each visitor to your site, PPC works best, ROI-wise, when targeting those who are closer to making a purchasing decision (as opposed to those in the early steps of general research) through highly specific searches.

Email Marketing

Since the industrial purchasing cycle can be much more extensive than other types of businesses, email marketing can be an effective way of retaining repeat customers. Since most manufacturing buying decisions are made when they’re needed — not at arbitrary times — it’s best to avoid the “hard sell” in your email communication to customers. Instead, provide useful information or updates on a regular basis so that you’ll be the first company they think of when they’re ready for their next purchase.

Web Design

Web design ties together your content and the information you make available to customers, making sure they can easily find what they’re looking for. Great web design can also positively affect your search ranking, since visitors are likely to spend more time on your site and less likely to “bounce,” or leave quickly — a statistic taken into account by the Google algorithm.

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